Grow Your Tenner is back but not for long! Read on..

Each year Localgiving runs grow Your  Tenner.

Starting Tuesday 18th October at 10 am-Grow Your Tenner is back! Grow Your Tenner each year help local charities like ours raise more money by matching the value of online donations by up to £10. This year’s campaign launches at 10 am on Tuesday the 18th of October. Last year the allocated funding ran out within days. If you can support is, we would be so grateful. Those of you attending our AGM & quarterly meetings will realise how important funding is for us to operate. Anyone wishing to receive a copy of our accounts should call 07780 852 229. If you can support us & give us an early Christmas box, enabling us to continue this website, fund our meetings, our printer, publicity materials, raise awareness we would appreciate it. Thank you.

Thanks to an injection of government funding from the Office for Civil Society, we will now be matching both one time and Direct Debit donations during Grow Your Tenner 2016! Click here for more information

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