Great News! “Awards For All”

Great News! “Awards For All” which is part of the Big Lottery Fund have confirmed to us and announced in their latest round of funding that our bid for £8450 was successful. This is wonderful news for SDN & we thank “Awards For All“ as it means we have secured essential funding enabling us to move forward, secure our prime tool which is SDN website meaning we reach more people with information that is easy to access. This is very important with the huge number of changes people are facing with welfare reform.

Our project is  called “Promoting SDN, by reaching those who have not heard about us so enabling people with a disability to access information & be informed of welfare changes “


As we explained in our application both email addresses, and are becoming increasingly busy with people needing to have updated information on benefit changes as well as knowing how & where to access vital information. We aspire to use some of this money on training new volunteers which will involve costs as we need professional expertise to do this.


As SDN has grown in membership so we are becoming more aware that we need to have a good database that can be used by us in a number of ways ie identify specific areas of need and/or target certain areas of interest or concern. Our administration is paramount to the working of our organisation & we have been aware for some time that there is a need to improve the internal workings of SDN in order to be better placed for future expansion. Some money will be used on promotion of SDN as a thriving charity.


So what does this mean for SDN? It means we can expand, we will continue to use Social Media as well as produce a newsletter in print for those who can’t access it “on-line” Yes, it still means SDN fund-raising as we have ongoing expenses to meet such as meeting costs, printing postage & stationery, insurance, a laser printer to run as well as ongoing website costs and more. However our bid means we have secured money for the website and without the website SDN would be able to function.

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