Take Good Care of Your Feet, Pete

Are foot care services adequate in Shropshire?Foot Picture

That is a question being asked by Shropshire Seniors who are planning a campaign!

Do you have a problem over nail cutting? Good foot care is a vital health issue, it helping to prevent falls, prevent infections and avoid mobility problems.

From basic nail cutting to general chiropody services,these are all essential to keeping fit, healthy and being comfortable.

Shropshire Seniors plan to campaign for better services but need to know how people are coping at the moment. They are asking you to drop them a letter or email. They won’t be mentioning any names.

They want to know:

  1. Are you satisfied with current services?
  2. Do you recommend anyone?
    1. What else would you like to see? You don’t have to answer all the questions and please add anything we should be considering.

Email: office@shropseniors.org.uk or write to Shropshire Seniors, 5 Swan Hill Court, Shrewsbury SY1 1NP

Feet have been ignored for too long. It’s me to STAND UP FOR FEET!

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