Would you please help us raise money for a new colour laser printer?

Our work for those with no IT access has come to a standstill as our Samsung CLP 620ND is in need of costly repair so we are appealing for your help in raising money for a new printer etc. We can not print items for meetings, contact those who have no computer access. We urgently need to get a new printer so your help would be appreciated.

If you can help us connect back to our members who need to be communicated with via the post, help us to print important information that we need at our meetings, it would be appreciated. Your support to our charity is important. Every penny we receive goes to help our members by providing this website, our signposting work, our meetings, our newsletter “YourVoice & equipment & leaflets. We are all volunteers at SDN. Thanking all our supporters.

8th December 2015 at 10 am is a special time for us as 40 appeals will have £100 doubled! Would you help us raise £100 from 10 am on Tuesday 8th December towards this appeal as quickly as possible, giving us the chance to be one of 40 to have that £100 doubled. If so that will help us reach our target quicker & enable us to get back on track. Please, if you can help, all of us at SDN would be delighted, not least those with no IT access.


SDN  does a huge amount of work that goes unseen because it entails signposting of information to individuals and organisations.  We are all volunteers working from our homes but we still have expenses ie website maintenance & upgrades, insurance cover for all our equipment & events, expenses to produce a vibrant newsletter (“YourVoice” is posted out to those with no IT access) providing you with a wealth of information, we have meeting rooms to pay for and the shopping list grows. (stationery, postage, toner cartridges & other printer consumables, out of pocket expenses for volunteers, exhibition & promotional items that is essential to our charity & it goes on)


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At each quarterly meeting we will announce how much funding you have given to our work. If making a one off donation all you will be asked for is Your Name, email address and then you pay via a card or paypal. If gift aiding then you will be asked for your address etc



Every £ helps us, help you, help others.

Thank you, for the support you give us.

Annual accounts are available on request to admin@shropshire-disability.net & the information is also available at the Charity Commission website.



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