Get Involved-Claremont Street Shrewsbury-experimental taxi rank

Start Date:
1st July 2015

End Date:
12th August 2015

Start Time:

End Time:
23.59 pm

On 11th February 2015 Shropshire Council made an experimental traffic order to bring into force parking restrictions in Claremont Street, Shrewsbury the following parking restrictions:

  • No Waiting At Any Time – Except Taxis Claremont Street (south side) Between points 10 metres and 26 metres west of its junction with Mardol and
  • Disabled Badge Holder Only -Claremont Street (south side) Between points 40 metres and 52 metres west of its junction with Mardol.

Shropshire Council are considering providing an all-day taxi rank for Hackney Carriages close to the main shopping and commercial facilities in Shrewsbury town centre on Claremont Street. 

This will be of interest to anyone who uses, have family & or carers that use the Disabled Parking Bays. Click here to read more & find out how to get involved:


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