Future Oswestry Masterplan Consultation

Start Date:
9th February 2022

End Date:
24th March 2022

Start Time:

End Time:

This consultation may be of interest to SDN member who live in Oswestry and its surround areas as well as visitors to the town.

Click here to find out more about Future Oswestry Masterplan and Vision is the outcome of collaborative work between Shropshire Council, Oswestry Town Council and the Oswestry Business Improvement District (BID).

In 2020, a team of consultants led by Allies and Morrisons started the process to prepare the masterplan document. This included:

  • a physical analysis of the town
  • research and review of socio-economic indicators, existing policies and strategies
  • a review of the property market
  • engagement with local residents and interested people and organisations through an online survey link, workshops, Library exhibition and market stalls.
  • refining the initial masterplan proposals in light of comments received through the engagement process.

This work and the comments received has shaped and modified the vision and objectives within the masterplan document being consulted on. Please visit the Future Oswestry Masterplan consultation for more details.

To read more about what the Oswestry Masterplan includes click this link:  https://shropshire.gov.uk/get-involved/future-oswestry-masterplan-consultation/

To get involved click here https://shropshire.gov.uk/get-involved/future-oswestry-masterplan-consultation/

and/or visit our Events pages where you will find details of 5 events in Oswestry where you can visit exhibitions on this project.

The consultation on the Future Oswestry Masterplan will run from Wednesday 9 February to Thursday 24 March 2022 to seek the views of residents, community groups, businesses and stakeholders on the Masterplan report. The aim of the masterplan is to support the long-term regeneration of the town centre and the wider town.

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