Fund Research into Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

Start Date:
1st April 2017

End Date:
7th May 2017

EDS is a debilitating and often life threatening conditions, there is very little research and we are a long way off a cure, we need research.

Ehlers Danos Syndrome (EDS) includes a complex group of rare disorders caused by changes in genes that weaken the connective tissues. At least seven sub-types of the condition are recognised and the way patients are affected can vary significantly. The most common features of EDS are joints with an increased range of movement or hyper-mobility and skin that is unusually stretchy or fragile. In some the symptoms may be relatively mild but others they are highly disabling and on rare occasions potentially life-threatening. The complexity of the syndrome and the difficulty in diagnosing the milder forms of the condition means that an accurate estimate of the number of affected individuals is difficult. The most common form of the condition is believed to affect around 1 in 2000 individuals.

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This petition closes on Sunday 7th May 2017

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