Former Patients are being urged to return walking aids they no longer need.

The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital is urging former patients to return their unwanted walking aids.

The Physiotherapy Department have also started working in partnership with the Oswestry Cambrian Rotary Club to support the return of aids such as crutches and walking frames.

Members of the rotary club are able to pick-up any unwanted walking aids if a patient lives within a 15 mile radius and cannot get to the Oswestry-based hospital.

Cath Baldry, President of Oswestry Cambrian Rotary Club, said: “Earlier this year, we saw that RJAH had declared a crutch amnesty and were experiencing a real shortage of walking aids being returned.

“We thought about how we could support RJAH with this and also considered why patients who no longer need their walking aid could not return them.

“By offering a pick-up and drop-off service, more walking aids should be returned which will save the hospital significant amounts of money.”

Philip Hulse, Interim Therapies Service Manager, said: “Every week we hand out approximately 200 walking aids. Most of these are for short term use only and we do ask for them to be returned but a high proportion never are.

“As a result of this, we spend on average £25,000 every year replacing unreturned walking aids. This also delays the process of having the necessary equipment available for other patients.

“We’re so thankful to the Oswestry Cambrian Rotary Club for supporting us with this; we’re currently seeing too few walking aids returned and we would be extremely grateful if patients could get them back to us. All walking aids which are returned will be cleaned and re-conditioned ready to be used by another patient.

“If there are any former patients out there who still have their walking aid, please either drop it off at the Physiotherapy Department, Location 26, or get in touch with the Oswestry Cambrian Rotary Club.”

If anyone would like us to come and pick up their walking aid to return to RJAH, please phone 01691 650854 or email”

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