Flu Jab Time

Have you had your flu injection yet? More opportunities come your way!


It’s that time of year folks when we need to be getting our flu injections. If you have not had yours this year then do seriously think about getting it done very soon. Shropshire & Telford residents in “at-risk groups” can have a free NHS flu jab. In past years this has been available just at your GP practice but for the first time now the flu jab for those “at risk” is available FREE at pharmacies.


GP’s currently offer free seasonal flu vaccinations to pregnant women, people aged 65 & over & those with long term conditions like diabetes, asthma, heart & lung problems. Not had a flu jab before but think you ought to have one, then it is worth checking to see if you qualify. While none of us like paying, if you don’t qualify then some pharmacies at Asda, Boots, & Sainsburys offer a jab for between £7 & £12.


The new way of offering NHS flu jabs in local pharmacies means it may help you by going to a place that is more convenient & at a time that suits you. This is a new scheme being run by NHS England in Shropshire & Staffordshire so it may be worth you taking it up.


Remember flu is not like a bad cold, it affects the whole body & can make existing conditions worse but it can also increase the risk of developing more serious illnesses such as pneumonia and bronchitis. This is a yearly jab that is produced as a protection against new strains of flu & that is why it is important to ensure you are protected each year.


If you are a carer, it is also important that you consider having a flu jab as not only could you take it to those you care for but also if you are ill & cannot continue to care that can also cause additional situations that could be stressful to your loved ones & family as well as put on added pressure on care services & hospitals during the winter months that are always busier.

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