“Finding Joy” by the Vamos Theatre company

Start Date:
20th May 2014

End Date:
20th May 2014

Start Time:
8 pm

End Time:
10 pm approx

Event title: “Finding Joy” by the Vamos Theatre company
Venue: Walker Theatre at Theatre Severn, Frankwell Quay, Shrewsbury SY3 8FT
Weblink: www.theatresevern.co.uk
Name: Booking Office at Theatre Severn
Email: mail@theatresevern.co.uk
Telephone: 01743 281281
Event description: ‘Finding Joy’ by the Vamos Theatre company is visiting Theatre Severn for one production starting at 8 pm. The play is a wondrous, joyous piece of theatre but also deals with mental health issues and dementia.
Vamos Theatre is one of the UK’s leading full mask theatre companies. They devise and tour accessible, humorous and fearless work which showcases the best in full mask performance. A Vamos production brims with visual inventiveness, music, puppetry, dexterity and hilarity, and is guaranteed to charm and entertain.

You’re unlikely to have seen anything like a Vamos Theatre show: it is full mask theatre with no words, the story told through clever visual performance and a vibrant original soundtrack. It is wonderfully accessible, unashamedly nostalgic, and very, very playful. Finding Joy takes us through the 1930s, the 1950s and the present day, and is performed on a quirky and intricate set that’s full of surprises.

The play tells the story of Joy Wilson, a funny and gentle 80-something, and her grandson Danny, a teenager who’s going off the rails. When Joy starts to find it hard to remember things, Danny decides he will care for her. Together, they discover a shared playfulness and a mutual affection. But is that enough to take on the challenges ahead?

Finding Joy is about memory, ageing, love, and – of course – about Joy!
Target Audiences: Over the last eight years, Vamos Theatre has built a loyal, wide-ranging, inter -generational audience that continues to grow with every new show. Finding Joy can will be specifically enjoyable for:

· Devised, physical, comic and mask theatre audiences
· Young people, especially teenagers
· GCSE, ‘A’ level, BTEC and Degree students in drama, music, or social care
· Health sector professionals, particularly those interested in dementia and memory loss (Finding Joy 2013 created great interest in this sector)
· Those who have a connection with dementia (there are about 820,000 people in UK with dementia, and over 670,000 people who are their primary carers)
· Family audiences with older children (12+)
· Elders
· Audiences of films e.g. The Artist that share a non-verbal presentation
· Deaf audiences: this is visual theatre
This production has some great feedback ie

“I recognised so much of my own mum in Joy…this piece has reminded me that humour ( and hugs) can illuminate even the darkest of days, and that each dementia sufferer has a unique and special life story. When Danny found that old reel of film, an important piece of his Nan’s life was revealed to him and restored to her”


“thought provoking and charmingly funny. Deep Joy!” Chris Eldon Lee, BBC Radio Shropshire

Tickets cost £14 with a £2 reduction for concessions.

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