Eat Smart Foods

I’m Sue, I live in Halifax & my 5 year old grandson is on the autistic spectrum… Once we realised where he was living his life, like all other parents and grandparents I researched extensively and discovered that food can be the bain of a lot of problems… in that autism can also be made worse by allergy induction. I embarked on creating a diet for Oliver free from gluten, aspartame, lactose, wheat & MGS. I also found that the menu created would accommodate, alleviate ADHD, Coeliac, Crohn’s, Asperger’s and of course ASD

I created ready meals, baked/cooked fortnightly & froze them as my daughter works fulltime and making this type of meal can be costly & time consuming. But I guess you may already know this….

Since starting Oliver on meals that eliminate all of the above from his diet, we have discovered a different child. Instead of the stressed out, sensitive to everything going 5 year old, we have a little man who deals with specific issues in a more calm manner. No more excitotoxins…. wayhay….

The changes are just fantastic. Sadly, there’s no scientific evidence as you know to support this theory; although there are published books written by the experts (PARENTS!)…. It was a huge struggle finding things he could eat so I decided to set up a business and using the recipes I’ve created, make frozen well balanced ready meals.. I’m now registered with our local Health Environment, have all the relevent food hygiene certificates and I’m about to go on a marketing campaign. The dishes are about to go to company to evaluate the nutritional and calorific value….

I need people like you and your members to try meals for me… So I wondered if I could send you some info to post on your website or pass around detailing the business and the food. Then maybe if they are interested I could set up a taste tester session with the meals ready for market to try and invite them to come along….

No pressure though, I understand that you are very busy people and if you feel that this is not something you’d like to try or endorse, that’s fine… My business is called Eat-Smart Foods and the childrens meal brand is Eat-Smart Kids… There will also be a section for Diabetics..You can read about the meals available at , but the email for enquiries is….

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