Website: https://www.dsactive.org.uk/
Email: dsactive@downs-syndrome.org.uk

Telephone: 0333  1212 300

Address: DSActive, Down’s Syndrome Association, Langdon Down Centre, 2a Langdon Park
Teddington, TW11 9PS

DSActive is a programme run by the Down’s Syndrome Association (DSA).

We aim to provide as many opportunities as possible for people with Down’s syndrome to lead active and healthy lives. We started in 2006 by offering a football session for people with Down’s syndrome with Fulham FC Foundation. Since then we have grown into a national programme offering many different sports. We offer expert training to coaches, run festivals to celebrate the achievements of our athletes and support people with Down’s syndrome to achieve coaching qualifications.

On our website https://www.dsactive.org.uk/ you will find Football, Tennis and Athletics sessions, as well as links to Activities Near You, pages on Healthy Living and we have all our pages in Easy Read and much more.

DSActive Partner Club: 

This is  club that offers impairment specific sports sessions in partnership with DSActive; these clubs will have received our coach education workshop.

Shrewsbury – Shrewsbury Town FC

Shrewsbury Sports Village

Shrewsbury Town Community Sports Trust was delighted to launch the first of many Down’s syndrome football sessions in 2015 with eight children attending.  Although only forming at the beginning of the year Shrewsbury had a successful day at the 2015 National Festival finishing runners up in the white group. Click here to see website link: https://www.dsactive.org.uk/football-session/shrewsbury/

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Registered charity No. 1061474

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