Draft Statement of Community Involvement November 2020

Start Date:
9th November 2020

End Date:
1st February 2021

Start Time:

End Time:

Shropshire Council is consulting on their draft statement of Community Involvement, November 2020

What is this about? 

The draft Statement of Community Involvement sets out how Shropshire Council will engage communities and organisations on planning issues. It provides information on how people can get involved in the preparation of planning policies and plan-making process and details how people can comment on individual planning applications.

The draft Statement of Community Involvement covers:

  • the range of planning documents and their purpose;
  • which community representatives the Council will seek to involve in the preparation of planning policy documents and in the determination of planning applications;
  • how this process will be handled;
  • when this involvement will happen;
  • and what methods will be used to encourage as wide involvement as possible.

Electronic engagement has grown in importance over recent times, influenced in part but the recent changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. This electronic engagement is proposed as a main engagement method for reaching a wide audience.

Shropshire Council would like feedback on the draft document for consideration before a final version is formally agreed and implemented.

The draft policy is in the link below:

How to respond to this consultation:

If you would like the survey in an alternative format, please use the email above to request a copy or telephone Shropshire Council’s Customer Services on 0345 678 9000 and explain any support you need to allow you to respond.

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