Draft Library Services Strategy for Shropshire, 2018 to 2023

Start Date:
26th July 2017

End Date:
6th October 2017

Start Time:

End Time:

Shropshire Council are consulting on their draft library strategy for Shropshire 2018 to 2023

The draft Library Services Strategy for Shropshire sets out a vision in which libraries are at the heart of their communities.

The draft strategy sets out four strategic objectives:

  1. Improving literacy and encouraging reading
  2. Improving and sustaining the health and well-being of Shropshire communities
  3. Encouraging communities to be inclusive and prosperous
  4. Ensuring that libraries become more enterprising and self-sustaining

The draft strategy sets out a hierarchy of library services provision and describes how the council can meet its statutory requirements to provide a “comprehensive and efficient library service for all persons” by providing:

  • Static library provision within six Tier 1 locations – Library Hubs – and seven Tier 2 locations – Community Libraries
  • 277 mobile library stops, principally responding to the challenges of an ageing population and access to services in a rural context
  • Digital library services including 24-hour access to a range of lending and information resources

The draft strategy does not set out to close any existing libraries, but it does recognise the need to provide a framework that allows future investment and revenue support to be prioritised. Based on a thorough review of the usage and location of existing mobile library stops, this consultation makes a specific recommendation to reduce the number of stops from 354 to 277. Shropshire Council proposals would result in a saving to the council of an estimated £375,000 per annum from the end of 2022/23.  Any alternative proposals should be made within the context of the council’s financial situation.

The draft strategy will be supported by the development of a detailed action plan to cover the period 2018/19 to 2022/23.

The council has a statutory duty to provide library services and wider responsibilities to meet Disability Discrimination Act, Equality Act and broader social inclusion requirements. An Equality and Social Inclusion Impact Assessment has been prepared, and this will be kept under review in the context of the finalisation of the strategy and the development of a detailed delivery plan. 

The following documents can be found by clicking on this link: https://new.shropshire.gov.uk/get-involved/draft-library-services-strategy-for-shropshire-2018-to-2023/

  • Draft Library Services Strategy
  • Needs Assessment
  • Equality and Social Inclusion Impact Assessment
  • Mobile library frequently asked questions
  • Current mobile library stops
  • Mobile library stops proposed for deletion

To go straight to the survey click here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/draft-library-strategy-for-shropshire

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