Did you know there are many ways you can help us at Shropshire Disability Network to meet the cost to run our charity?  It is you reading this “Donate” page that can influence what we do & how much we do as a charity.

What do we need finance for?

Our core work is to:

  • to have a website to help give disabled people in Shropshire a voice
  • to be “the place for disability information in Shropshire”
  • to produce a newsletter called “YourVoice” available on-line but also in print for those who have no IT access and also as a promotional tool
  • to hold at least 4 meetings a year enabling members to meet, network and have opportunity to hear from key note speakers
  • to signpost information
  • to lead on the Safe place Community initiative

Costs we must meet:

  • Website maintenance and upgrades/Website security licence and hosting fees
  • Insurance (public liability as well as equipment)
  • Meeting room costs (both Members & Management Committee meetings) and refreshments at our meetings
  • Necessary out of pocket expenses for our volunteers (SDN is run entirely by volunteers who work from home)
  • Costs associated with producing our newsletter ie postage, stationery, and external printing
  • Equipment ie projector, SDB banners, SDN laser printer, trolley cases for events, information stands, leaflet stands, SDN mobile phone.
  • Stationery ie paper, Printer consumables ie toner cartridges,
  • Publicity ie leaflets, membership forms

The above list are our basic requirements

As well as supporting our events, your organisation could take an advert out on this website or donate when shopping on-line or donate via Information on these can be found on this website.

You could offer to organise a fund raising event for us.

Gift Aid: Please remember to gift aid your donation if you are a UK Tax payer. Gift Aid adds an extra 25p to every £1.00 of your donation at no extra cost to you. It really does make a difference to us!

If you would like to know more email  or text/telephone our mobile number 07794 497704

Whatever you choose to do to help us, we appreciate as you can make the difference for our registered charity.