Do you have ideas about how technology could help us age healthily?

We’re all growing older – and with that comes joy and a few gripes!  At University College London (UCL), scientists and engineers are developing technologies that help people to live longer, healthier lives. But to make these as useful as possible, they need your help.  

They’ve launched a new online platform, Age Innovation Hub, to hear your ideas about technology that could help us age healthily and hear any age-related issues you have that technology could help solve. They’ll then develop new research to help with the needs and problems found.  

As a population we are living longer lives than ever before, with half the babies born in the UK today expected to reach their 100th birthday. This is exciting progress, but it comes with its own challenges. Too often, people ageing are faced with problems like loneliness, loss of independence and avoidable years of disease

This is your chance to shape the future of innovation! 

Find out more at this link and share any ideas you may have.

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