Disabled Ramblers

Website: http://disabledramblers.co.uk/

Email: membership@disabledramblers.co.uk

Contact Form: http://disabledramblers.co.uk/contact-us-new/

The Disabled Ramblers exists to help mobility-challenged people get back out into the countryside.  Able-bodied helpers are welcome to support members and to help with loading scooters and other jobs.

We ramble in all weathers and over a variety of terrain. Our rambles are graded according to difficulty. Some are suitable for shopping buggies and power chairs whilst others need large scooters capable of traveling over rough ground.

We spend a lot of time researching routes and working with the authorities to improve access. Many of our rambles are accompanied by staff from the area.  This adds to our enjoyment of the ramble through their local knowledge and the extra security they can often provide.

About 30 rambles are run each year across England and Wales – mostly from March to October.

We own some large off-road mobility scooters (Trampers) which may available on loan during a ramble.  They each have stick holders and a bag on the back to carry your lunch and spare coat etc. They are only available on one of our Nationally organised rambles.  We cannot guarantee that a scooter will be available on all rambles.

A loan scooter must be booked in advance; you cannot just turn up at a ramble and get one.

A donation for the use of a scooter is very welcome as the cost of maintaining and transporting them is rather high!

To find out more visit our website at www.disabledramblers.co.uk

Find us on Face Book @TheDisabledRamblers and Twitter @DisabledRambler

Registered Charity Number 1103508 

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