Disabled Information from the Disabled

Disabled Information from the DisabledWebsite: www.disabledinfo.co.uk

Contact Form: http://www.disabledinfo.co.uk/contact.asp

DisabledInfo.co.uk was the concept of Les Reeves. Who, having lived with MS for a number of years became frustrated that so much information for the disabled is spread across too wide an area.

Quite often, very simple details that could have made life considerably easier two years before.

It also became apparent that the people who knew the most about what disability aids performed better. Who knew how to get from A to B with fewer difficulties. Who knew that you could save so much time, often painfully invested, by taking simple measures or by buying one simple product. Were in fact, the disabled themselves.

DisabledInfo.co.uk is an attempt to gather as much of that information together in one place where it is easily and freely available to the wider disabled public.

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