Disabled facilities in Shrewsbury

Shropshire Disability Network has received a letter from one of its members. We have been given permission to share it with you. SDN decided not to disclose the writers name.

Our member wrote:

“I don’t know what is going on behind the scenes politically in Shrewsbury, but I get the distinct impression that Shrewsbury Council want to drive out disabled people.  The latest traffic restrictions in Pride Hill and Butcher Row illustrate.  

I was just wondering whether SDN had any “voice” when the council pulled the funding for Shopmobility in Shrewsbury.  This service is needed for Shrewsbury, not only for residents, but what does it say about us as a town to visitors and tourists that we have no Shopmobility, it does not encourage the less mobile to visit our lovely town and spend money, therefore boosting the local economy.  Just look around at the empty shops.

I have travelled around quite a bit, and I must say, some areas/towns of the country very much impress me with their attitude to the disabled.  Stratford Upon Avon, has free parking including free on street parking.  I’m not for free parking myself just because I’m less mobile, and think that I should pay like anyone else, but it is refreshing when you see things like this and makes you feel welcome. Scotland as well, seemed very “switched on” to the needs of the disabled in many aspects, I was well impressed when I spent a holiday up there and the facilities that were available and accessibility was not a problem, even in the most remote of places.  Sorry to rant on, but I think it’s about time we had better parking and facilities to give a more welcoming feel to our disabled visitors”.

Shropshire Disability Network appreciates the time our member has taken to contact us. We have communicated with the author regarding what SDN has done so far ie twitter poll and email communications.

Disabled facilities in Shrewsbury:

Shrewsbury Big Town Plan- We put information on our website and told members at our meetings about the exhibition in Shrewsbury in 2017. In response to repeated requests for updates on Shrewsbury Big Town plan, we received information on 21st February 2019. This was published in our March/April 2019 Newsletter. We are aware there are further plans to engage with our members.

Large Print Copies of Shrewsbury Big Town Plan-In February 2019, we received 10 large print copies of the Shrewsbury Big Town Plan. We have a couple of copies left, if anyone would like one, please call/text 07780 852229

How can you help us be the “Voice” for disabled people in Shropshire?

If you are concerned about the pending closure of Shrewsbury Shopmobility (closed 31st May 2019) or Shrewsbury Big Town plan, we would like to hear from you. Please contact using one of the following ways, by doing so you are helping to give disabled people and carers in Shropshire a voice.

  • Complete this on-line form: https://shropshiredisability.net/contact/ or
  • Email: secretary@shropshire-disability.net or
  • Call/text: 07780 852229.(This is the SDN mobile phone, we are all volunteers. If no answer, you can leave a message for us to call you back)
  • Alternatively leave a reply in the comment box.

Note this article was published on May 29th. At the time Shropshire Disability Network believed Shrewsbury Shopmobility was closing on June 30th. Today (Wednesday 6th June) we have been informed by Shropshire Council that the date of closure had been brought forward to 31st May 2019. If you used this facility, please let us know how it will impact on you. Thank you.



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