Disability related films on the BBC

Every week, the Ouch! Newsletter has a Stuff section, where we draw the reader’s attention to disability related programmes, either coming up or available to watch on iPlayer.

    On iplayer you can watch  Small Teen Big World, follows the relationship between Jasmin and her mum, who both have an undiagnosed form of dwarfism. Screened on BBC Three.

    Being a teenager is tough, but for 16-year-old Jasmine Burkitt it is even harder, because she is just 3’8″ tall and only fits clothes designed for a seven to eight-year-old.

    The 12 months captured in this documentary are the most important of Jasmine’s life so far. She goes to New York to meet others with similar genetic conditions; camps out at her first pop festival; celebrates her sixteenth birthday and tries to contact her estranged father who is average size. Unexpected events in this engaging teenager’s life make this a compelling film. Part of The Adult Season on BBC Three.

    Other programmes include:
    The first in a new series of Word of Mouth, originally broadcast on Radio 4, discusses the different ways in which deaf people communicate. Features an interview with Charlie Swinbourne.

    Sound Waves from the BBC’s Film Network, follows two families, both with children who are deaf. One has decided to give their son a cochlear implant, the other has not. Why?

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