Disability focused websites that we think you might find useful. Tell us of any you find too!

Disability Now: https://disabilitynow.wordpress.com/  a website with all sorts of useful information

Livability: https://livability.org.uk/livability-1700-disabled-disadvantaged-people-set-business/  Livability is the disability charity that connects people with their communities. We tackle social isolation and the barriers that can cause this in the lives of disabled and vulnerable people.

Action on Hearing Loss: Action Hearing Loss  – Action on Hearing Loss is the new name for Royal National Institute for the Deaf D. We’re working for a world where hearing loss doesn’t limit or label people, where tinnitus is silenced and where people value and look after their hearing.

Disability Information and Advice Line: https://www.dialuk.info/

Disabled Holidays: https://www.disabledholidays.com/ 0161 804 9898

Disabled Access Holidays: https://www.disabledaccessholidays.com/

Disability Grants: https://www.disability-grants.org/

3H -Helping Hands for Holidays: https://www.3hfund.org.uk/

My Handicap My Chance: https://www.myhandicap.com/information-disability-chonical-illness/accessible-holidays-disability/

AccessAble: https://www.accessable.co.uk/



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