Disability Alliance (now part of Disability Rights UK)

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Note:  Disability Alliance is now part of DisabilitY Rights UK. Please go to this link for information https://shropshire-disability.net/disability-rights-uk

Disability Alliance is a national registered charity with the principal aim of relieving the poverty and improving the living standards of disabled people. Our eventual aim is to break the link between poverty and disability.

We provide information on social security benefits and tax credits to disabled people, their families, carers and professional advisers; undertake research into the needs of disabled people, with particular emphasis on income needs and seek to promote a wider understanding of the views and circumstances of all disabled people. We are also a campaigning organisation.

Disability Rights handbook

We are best known as the authors of the Disability Rights Handbook, an annual publication with a print-run of 26,000, but also have a range of other guides and other information on our popular website.

The Disability Rights Handbook provides clear and concise information on the welfare benefits and tax credits systems, as well as other areas such as social and residential care and a range of other issues relevant to disabled people and their families. We feel this makes us particularly well-placed to comment on the complexities of the UK benefit system.

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