Diabetes UK-to benefit from Charity Walk in Craven Arms

Start Date:
27th May 2012

End Date:
27th May 2012

Start Time:
10.00 am

End Time:

Event details

Event title: Diabetes UK-to benefit from Charity Walk in Craven Arms
Start date: 27/05/2012
End date: 27/05/2012
Start time: 10am
End time: Various times
Venue: Srarting at Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre,School Road,Clun, Craven Arms SY7 9RS
Event description: People can choose to walk between 2 and 8 miles, all for the benefit of Diabetes UK. Starting at Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre and people can choose the walk that suits them best. “Putting Feet First Campaign” which is being run by Diabetes Uk, explains the importance of people with diabetes to look after their feet, as complications of the condition can result in amputation. Diabetes is increasing, so the risk of foot problems increase, so it is important that comfortable socks and shoes are worn especially when walking. We hope many people will join us to raise awareness and much needed funds. I have had Type 1 diabetes for 53 years and regular walking has helped me keep in good health. So for further details give me, Caroline Holmes, chairman of Craven Arms Diabets Voluntary Group a call for further details and to register

  Contact details

Name: Caroline Holmes-Chairman & Event Organiser
Contact email: holmessibdon@gmail.com
Contact number: 01588 672731

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