Despite Injury, Kelda takes a positive view!


After having such a great week last week, I was so determined to build on the progress I’d made, but hey, things never go quite according to plan do they!

I picked up a bit of an injury, hopefully nothing serious, but I have to go for an MRI scan next week to check things out. It’s been frustrating as, yet again, I’ve had to back off training. At least I can still do CV and lower limb work… I’m going to have the strongest legs EVER!:-)

I’ve had to move my focus to other gains I can make, so I’ve spent time doing a bit of visualisation, watching lots of technical clips on You Tube and planning my pre race routine and warm up. Not exactly what I’d choose to be doing, but I guess the way to look at it is that it’ll all help me to get to where I want to go.

I often say I think of life as a Sat Nav….you put in your end goal, but sometimes things happen along the way that means you have to take a slightly different route to get there.

I see it all as part of the learning process and fingers crossed in 7-10 days I’ll be back ready to work hard.

On a more positive note, this week I also got my GB kit!!!!:-) This was such a special moment for me. From a very young age I always dreamed of representing my country, although I always believed it would be on a horse. To finally have that jacket with Great Britain written across the back was quite a surreal moment. It’s still hanging in my hall so I can keep reminding myself that this is actually happening! It just shows, you never know what great things are round the corner….you’ve just got to keep going round those corners and through those doors to give it a chance to happen!


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