Dementia Awareness Week 2016 inc Shropshire Cycling Event

Start Date:
15th May 2016

End Date:
23rd May 2016

Start Time:

End Time:

Event title: Dementia Awareness Week 2016 inc Shropshire Event
Venue: See content re Tour Dementia
Name: Tour Dementia Cycling via Shropshire Alzheimers
Email: shropshire@ɑlzheimers.orɡ.uk
Telephone: 01743 341800
Event description: Dementia Awareness Week is supported by the Alzheimer’s Society. The Alzheimer’s Society is a UK charity which provides support and research for those affected by dementia.

In the UK, there are about 800,000 people with dementia; it is estimated that around 400,000 people have dementia but do not know it. By raising awareness about this condition, it is hoped that more people will be diagnosed earlier, giving more time for them to come to terms with future symptoms.

Tour Dementiɑ Cyclinɡ to rɑise ɑwɑreness of dementiɑ 21 Mɑy 2016 10 am to 4 pm cycling from Upton Magna to Market Drayton.

Along the way there will be Small Community events in some of the villages. These events will be  “pop up teas”, “singing for the brain sessions”, “looking at library books on prescription”, poetry sessions, Dementia Friends & many more. It is a way to encourage support without needing to participate in the cycling. Volunteers are neede to be marshals, help is needed with signing in/out tables & support for the many social activities at the various stops  To volunteer, take part or for more information please call 01743 341800 or email shropshire@ɑlzheimers.orɡ.uk

Click here for flyer: Tour Dementia fliers – volunteer and take part

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