Deafness Research UK (now Action on Hearing Loss)

Deafness Research UK has merged with Action on Hearing Loss.

The aim of the merger is to raise the profile of biomedical research, which will in turn boost funding for further research programmes.

The name Deafness Research UK is now being phased out and the charity’s work is being taken forward by Action on Hearing Loss.

Click here to go to Action on Hearing Loss on this website:

Deafness Research UK

Address: N/A
Telephone: 0808 808 0123 (freephone) 

Deafness Research UK is a medical charity for deaf and hard of hearing people. We exist to secure radical improvements in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all forms of hearing impairment. Ultimately, our aim is to find cures for these distressing and neglected disabilities. Supported entirely by voluntary contributions, Deafness Research UK aims to:

  • support high quality medical and scientific research, which meet the needs of hearing impaired people and the research community
  • educate people about medical issues relating to deafness and other hearing problems, offering information and advice based upon the most up-to-date and reliable evidence available

To date, Deafness Research UK has awarded over £10 million in research grants and since its Information & Advice Service was launched in 2003, it has helped almost one and a quarter million people.

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