Deaf N Able -Coping with Deafness

Start Date:
23rd April 2016

End Date:
23rd April 2016

Start Time:
10.00 am

End Time:
12.00 noon

Event title: Deaf N Able -Coping with Deafness
Venue: Royal British Legion Club, Station Road, Dawley TF4 2NW
Name: Tom Kane
Telephone: 01952 418 046
Event description: Hearing loss can affect our work, our social lives, our relationships with our
families and friends and our status in society.
Whether you have a hearing loss yourself or wish to know more to support deafened people.

By joining this course these are some areas we cover & can help you:

  • Become more confident in social situations
  • Learn to lipread
  • Learn to Fingerspell
  • Learn to get the best from your Hearing Aids
  • Communication Strategies
  • Find out about equipment & services that can help
  • Discover you are NOT alone
  • Have fun

Cost: £ 5 per 2 Hour Session.

We have 10 sessions this term starting on Saturday 23rd April 2016

Click here for poster & to find out about a similar course in Shrewsbury DNA РSummer 16 LR

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