Deaf Awareness Week-15th-21st May 2017

This year Deaf Awareness Week (17th to 21st May)  will be about how small changes can have a big impact on people who are deaf or have hearing loss, in those areas of everyday life that matter to us all:

  HomeFriends and family
  The workplace
Accessing services

  General communication

People will be sharing their real experiences, and we will provide helpful tips that can be shared with friends, family and colleagues, and staff in bars, restaurants, shops and other public buildings, to encourage them to become more deaf aware.

Signal Charity are celebrating the UK’s Deaf Awareness Week by working with Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery to ensure a warm welcome for visitors with hearing loss.

Staff and volunteers at the Museum will participate in Signal’s training to build their skills in inclusive communication and lead the way in providing a rich experience for visitors with hearing loss enabling this public place to be even more inclusive.

Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery welcomes assistance dogs. They  have a permanent hearing loop system that is available for use in the galleries by request.

One in six people in the UK has some form of hearing loss and this proportion is growing. It is already estimated that as many as one in five people in Shropshire lives with hearing loss, because of this county’s older population.

Signal is a charity that works to end the isolation and improve the well-being of people living with hearing loss in and around Shropshire in the UK and in Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia in sub-Saharan Africa. Website:

If you are visiting Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery why not share your experience with us? 


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