Day Centre Closures Meeting

Unison Club, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury 7.30pm on Friday 8th November 2013

Unison Club (Old NALGO) adjacent to Shirehall 

For everyone with a Direct Interest in the Service! 

To oppose the Councils closure of your Day Centres!!! 

Your voice is important to develop a strategy to COMBAT this THREAT!! Hear first hand what the closure of Day Centres are doing to certain people who used to get a proper meal are now using Personal Budgets to go into the Town for the day as they have nothing else to do. 

One thought on “Day Centre Closures Meeting

  1. Ruby

    Two of your Committee Members attended this meeting last night. Many valid & real concerns were raised in the belief that it will not belong before there will be no Day Centres left in Shropshire. We heard about what was happening with current Day Centre Users and it was disturbing to listen to. The raising of all Day Centre closures across Shropshire being closed are not ideal thoughts they are very real threats. Two people have taken court action against the Council re the lack of Consultation that is taking place regarding those Day Centres “earmarked” for closure.
    The final court hearing about the lack of consultation about the closure of Day Centres particularly Hartleys takes place this next Thursday (at 10 am on Thursday 14th November 2013 in Manchester) The Solicitors of those bringing the action feel it is very important that as many carers, service users & supporters as possible attend this court hearing. If you would like to be part of the coach party that goes to Manchester please phone John Miles on 01694 722695 for further details. If you want to book a place then you need to do this by 5 pm on Monday 11th November 2013.

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