Day Centre Closures: Judicial Review

Shropshire Disability Network has been closely following developments in the on-going campaign against Day Centre closures. We highlighted Mencap’s Survey in October. We now have news of the Judicial Review hearing:

The judicial review hearing regarding the proposed day centre closures in Shropshire is taking place in Manchester on Thursday 14 November.


The hearing will commence at 10am and finish at 4pm. The following is a link to the address and a map for the court in Manchester:

John Miles is organising a 50 person bus leaving from Shrewsbury on Thursday morning. He is happy for anyone who wants a place to contact him to make arrangements on his mobile 07812 645792.

Please feel free to share these details with anyone who is interested in attending the hearing.

Contact Information: 

Hayley Stokes

Regional engagement officer (Central)

Mobile: 07950 964999





One thought on “Day Centre Closures: Judicial Review

  1. Ruby

    Thank you Lynda for the comment made on twitter. We feel we should share this with those who are supporting the campaign .
    “it’s abit of a Trek to Manchester so “may the force be with you” Good Luck all hoping for a positive outcome”

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