DAA – Disability Awareness in Action


Website: www.daa.org.uk

Email: info@daa.org.uk

“All people are born equal in freedom and dignity”

As DAA now depends only on volunteers the only contact is through e-mail: info@daa.org.uk All our resources and information are available for you to duplicate or disseminate. There is no charge, we just ask you to give full accreditation to DAA.

Disability Awareness in Action is an information network on disability and human rights. It was set up in 1992 as a cooperative project of the international disability organisations responding to disabled people’s need for appropriate information.

Its mission is to provide information and evidence to support disabled people in their own actions to secure their rights – at all levels: local, national, regional and international. The information comes from disabled people to disabled people. The information is used by disabled people and their organisations to develop and build their own self-help movement at the local and national level, to campaign for and influence social change and to understand their inalienable right to freedom and dignity.

Disability Awareness in Action UK Registered Charity No: 1002155

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