Council of Disabled People – Warwickshire and Coventry (Dissolved June 2013)

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The Council of Disabled People (CDP) is a Charity organisation that exists to promote and realise the interests of Disabled people regardless of class, colour, race, sexuality, gender and/or age.

By Disabled people the CDP intend anyone who has a physical and/or sensory impairment, labelled as learning disabled, mental health users and survivors, people with HIV positive status and other hidden impairments and/or conditions.

The Council of Disabled People (CDP) encourages the inclusion of Disabled people in the general community and it also provides services directly to Disabled people.

CDP is a Disability rights provider.

Please note due to losing its main source of funding the Council of Disabled People-Warwickshire & Coventry closed its doors in November 2012 and was dissolved in June 2013. An alternative website to visit may be 

Voluntary Action Coventry



Telephone: 024 7622 0381  Fax: 024 7625 7720

Address: 29 Warwick Road,, Coventry CV1 2ES

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