Coronavirus update from Telford & Wrekin Council 20 March 2020

News for people living in the Telford & Wrekin Council Area.

Council Tax: Telford & Wrekin Council is offering all its residents a two month “holiday” from council tax payments to help them deal with any financial hardship caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 

The move has been agreed by the Council’s Cabinet to help residents whose income has been affected by recent events.

Anyone can ask to suspend their council tax payments for April and May and instead begin payments from June, with the additional option to extend your installment plan until March 2021 if you currently pay over 10 installments.

Equally some people may wish to spread their payments over 12 installments rather than 10.

Anyone wishing to take this council tax holiday, can do this 24/7 by completing this form.

If you aren’t online, you can call 01952 383838 (open weekdays 9 am – 5 pm).

If your financial circumstances have changed and you’re struggling to now pay your council tax bill, you can apply for help through our council tax reduction scheme or by calling 01952 383838 (9 am -5 pm weekdays).

There is a package of support available and the Council will do whatever we can to support people in these difficult times.

In addition, we can provide you with emergency assistance for things such as gas and electricity vouchers,  food parcels or replacement white goods, by visiting or calling 01952 380400 (9 am -5 pm weekdays).

Emergency grants to community centres to provide vital support:

Telford & Wrekin Council’s Cabinet has approved £50,000 in grants for a number of community centres to help deliver vital supplies and services during the coronavirus crisis.

The centres and their staff and volunteers will be used to support Telford & Wrekin Council deliver its emergency community response to our most vulnerable residents who are over the age of 70 and who do not have close friends or family nearby to support them.

The funding will allow the centres to help the Council provide services such as safe and well checks, food deliveries and collecting prescriptions.

Any resident, particularly the more vulnerable members of our communities, who is in urgent need of assistance can request help online. Anyone who isn’t online, can call 01952 382030

Nuplace – support for tenants affected by coronavirus pandemic:

Nuplace is reassuring its tenants that during this challenging time, it is committed to supporting anyone facing difficulties or change in their financial circumstances.

First and foremost Nuplace is clear that it will not evict any tenant who is impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Equally, if any tenant is struggling to pay rent they should contact Nuplace to discuss alternative arrangements such as a delay to rent payments.

As the largest private housing landlord in Telford and Wrekin, it hopes that other private landlords will do the same and recognise tenants’ change of circumstances and the impact this can have on them.

Nuplace Director, Angie Astley said: “We understand the impact will be different for everyone depending on their situation.

“We urge any tenants with concerns about their ability to pay rent to talk to us as soon as possible. Nuplace will then work with those tenants to ensure we do everything we can to help during this very difficult time. 

“We hope other private landlords in the area will follow our example.”
Nuplace tenants should email for more information or to talk to our team

Emergency grants for homeless charities and Telford Crisis Network:

Telford & Wrekin Council’s Cabinet is to give emergency grants to charities that work to support the homeless and rough sleepers and Telford Crisis Network to help them cope with the coronavirus outbreak.

Telford & Wrekin Council’s Cabinet is to give emergency grants to charities that work to support the homeless and rough sleepers and Telford Crisis Network to help them cope with the coronavirus outbreak.
The council is to give £50,000 to support the Telford Crisis Network and other food banks in the borough to help it deal with increasing demand caused by the global pandemic.
The Crisis Network is a partnership of local service providers from public, private and third sector organisations who work to provide a range of services, including emergency food, emergency shelter, temporary accommodation and advice and support to resolve financial crises.
This is in addition to funding support the Council already provides to the Telford Crisis Network.
The council will also give a £30,000 grant to support homelessness in the borough, through Maninplace and STAY Telford to support their work at this difficult time.
The emergency grants for charities that work to support the homeless underlines the council’s long-stated commitment to tackle the whole issue of homelessness and rough sleeping which has seen significant investment over the past three years.
The emergency grants are part of a whole range of measures that the council is announcing as it strives to do everything it can to support the community in Telford and Wrekin as it faces unprecedented challenges posed by the coronavirus.


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