Coram Voice (Advocacy for Children)

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Telephone: 0808 800 5792 The helpline is a a national helpline, open Monday to Friday 9.30 am–6 pm and Saturday 10 am–4 pm.

Text: 07758 670369 (send a text to this number and ask for someone to call you back, texts to this number cost 12 p each, calls to this number cannot be answered)

WhatsApp:  +44 (0)7758 670369 contact us using WhatsApp (add us to your contacts and send us a message free with WiFi)

Online: you can fill in our online form to send a message to the Always Heard team

Shropshire County Council has contracted Coram Voice to provide them with a Children’s Rights Service, which has two distinct parts: Advocacy and Independent Visiting.

Advocacy: We offer an advocacy service to all children in care, care leavers and to those children who are subject to Child Protection Procedures.

Advocates are champions of children’s rights and will ensure that the wishes and feelings of each child we work with are at the forefront of any decisions affecting their lives.

We provide skilled advocates who are trained to help children and young people express their wishes and feelings. This could be when they:
•    Want support at reviews and other meetings.
•    Disagree about plans being made.
•    Have concerns about their care.
•    Need to make a complaint.

The advocacy service is about empowering children and young people to ensure their views are heard and acted upon by decision makers and to help children and young people to navigate and negotiate the child care system.

Find us on Face Book @CoramVoice and Twitter @CoramVoice

Charity registration number 1046207

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