'Coping with Conflict' – Workshop for Families Affected by Drug & Alcohol Use

Start Date:
8th July 2011

End Date:
8th July 2011

Start Time:

End Time:

Coping with Conflict

This one-day course aims to enable families coping with drug- and alcohol-related family conflict to both understand their conflicts and have new ideas about how they can cope better.

Learning Objectives

  • Outline the ways people deal with conflict
  • Recognise how conflict is created
  • Describe and use the ‘drama triangle’ – a recognised model for understanding family conflict
  • Identify ways that people can influence conflict
  • Recognise the impact anger can have on conflict
  • Identify ways of coping better with anger

Venue: The Community Council, Shrewsbury Business Park, SY2 6LG

For further details or to book your place call Glenda 01743 341 995.

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