Consultation relating to Shrewsbury Town Centre opens

Start Date:
1st February 2017

End Date:
28th February 2017

Start Time:

End Time:

Monday 9th January saw the launch of a new consultation on a proposed Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) for an area of Shrewsbury town centre and Frankwell playing fields. The consultation will run for eight weeks.

The PSPO would help the police and council officers to address certain anti-social behaviour, and has been developed in response to concerns expressed by the public, local businesses and the police in conjunction with Team Shrewsbury.

The PSPO has four main provisions consisting of: two prohibitions covering urinating/defecating and leaving personal belongings in a public space; a condition that controls the consumption of alcohol in certain circumstances; and a wider enabling provision for an authorised officer to require a person to leave the area if causing anti-social behaviour.

The PSPO aims to provide an additional tool for agencies, in particular the police, to address anti-social behaviour where it is causing nuisance, alarm, harassment or distress to any other person. It will provide a mechanism to stop anti-social behaviour and remove it without resorting to criminal action through the courts unless absolutely necessary.

The consultation is open to anyone who has an interest in Shrewsbury town centre. To find out more and give your views (including completing a survey) please follow this link:

Read a copy of the full news article from Shropshire Council here.

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