Kelda Wood with Sharon Davies

Congratulations Kelda Wood

All of us at SDN would like to congratulate Climbing Out & all the hard work that Kelda does for it. The photograph shows Kelda collecting her award from Sharron Davies MBE at the Energize 2014 Awards. We wish her & all contestants well at the West Midlands Community Sports Awards on the 27thNovember




9th November Kelda writes….”Training is hard….injury problems …filming & an Award!”



I’m starting to think my life is getting too surreal for words! It’s been another eventful week. Training’s been hard, we’re still in the hypertrophy phase, which means we’re really pushing our bodies in attempt to get some big gains in muscle mass and strength over the winter. By Friday I was exhausted and my body was so sore I couldn’t even bend down to put my socks on! It’s difficult to feel good on the water when you feel so sore, but I’m hoping it’ll all come together as my body learns to cope.

I’ve had a little injury niggle this week too, which has showed me that I’m not invincible and I’m going to have to look after myself if I’m going to survive the whole process….something that I’m still finding difficult as I try and juggle training, Climbing Out, Battle Back and all my animals. I’ve always worked on the motto “there’s plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead”…… but I’m learning that sleeps pretty important to give my body the recovery time. I think it’s time to take a look at how I move forwards from here….but I’m not quite sure what to do about it!

The BBC were at the centre filming us training on Friday, we’ve been told to expect a lot of this leading up to Rio 2016 as were currently the leading nation. It was all pretty surreal as they had smoke machine’s going and everything….not the normal occurrence on a cold and wet training day at Nottingham!

On top of that, it’s been a great week for Climbing Out. We finished 3rdin the Lloyds Bank Community Fund Awards on Tuesday, winning £1,000 and then followed up by winning the Community Project of the Year at the Energize Awards on Thursday evening. I’m incredibly proud of the recognition Climbing Out is now getting, and hopefully this will enable us to reach even more young people in the future. We now go through to the West Midlands Community Sports Awards on the 27thNovember. Fingers crossed!

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