Computer Skills for All-Shropshire

Spring/Summer 2018 schedule of where you can go to get help with using your computer, ipad etc. This book downloadable here computer-skills-spring-summer-2018 has a wealth of information on many short courses, where to get help at various locations.

May be you have just got your first computer, may be you want to have a go at computer skills before you buy, the Spring/Summer 2018 directory is useful source of information for you.

“Jay’s Computer Donations”. If you have replaced your laptop or desktop and you don’t know what to do with your old one, rather than leave it on the shelf or in a cupboard you may like to donate it to “Jay’s Computer Donations”. If so this link will tell you more:

IT FREE is a totally free weekly drop-in computer help clinic provided by the Omega – Care for Life charity ( ). Bring along your troublesome laptop, tablet, phone or camera (or even desktop box, if you can) and the ‘techies’ will be at your disposal. PC Mike (the no-nonsense one), Brandon B (the empathetic and understanding one) and Jamie (the Apple guru) will sort out all your computer related problems. Read more here:

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