Collecting at Morrisons Wellington-Please help us!

Start Date:
3rd February 2015

End Date:
3rd February 2015

Start Time:
10.00 am

End Time:
4 pm

Event title: Collecting at Morrisons Wellington-Please help us!
Venue: Morrisons, Springhill, Wellington TF1 1RP
Name: Shropshire Disability Network
Telephone: 07780 852 229
Event description: We will be holding our first collection this year at Morrisons Wellington today.
SDN is run totally by volunteers, but still incurs running costs & without funding we can not operate. We have insurance, stationery, postage, printer costs, meeting rooms to pay for as well as needing to fund our two prime tools ie Website & Newsletter “YourVoice”. We need to reach people who have not heard about us so we need promotional materials. An hour of your time can help us do this!

We are so grateful to Cassandra Hall Community Champion and all at Morrisons Wellington for allowing us to raise funds at their store by holding this collection.

We are desperately short of help after 1 pm. We also have a volunteer living in Shrewsbury willing to help but needs transport to Wellington about 2 pm, If you can help please make contact urgently. Thank you.

If you can spare an hour or two to collect, please call 07780 852 229 or email

Thank you, your support on the day by giving or collecting is most appreciated.

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