Cold Weather Updates and Alerts – Issued 15th Jan

The VCS (Voluntary and Community Sector) Shropshire have asked us to share with our members documentation about Cold Weather Alerts which includes a Cold Weather plan. A cold weather alert was put out on 15th January 2015.

Please find below the current situation across Shropshire: Flood Guidance Centre The highest overall flood risk for England and Wales over the next five days is LOW. There is a medium likelihood of minor river flooding impacts across Wales and parts of the west and south of England today (Thursday), with larger rivers continuing to respond into Saturday.

General overview of flood risk Rivers are responding to heavy rainfall overnight last night and this brings a medium likelihood of minor river flooding impacts for Wales and parts of the south-west and south-east of England today, with some rivers in the south-east of England remaining high into Friday, with parts of the River Severn remaining high into Saturday. Strong winds and large waves will continue affect stretches of coasts in south-west England, parts of Wales and the English Channel on today, but any impacts will be minimal resulting in a VERY LOW flood risk overall. Assessment of flood risk Rivers.

Overnight heavy and persistent rainfall has caused rivers to respond across Wales, south-west England , western parts of the Midlands and the south-east of England which brings a LOW river flood risk with a medium likelihood of minor river flooding for these areas. Some rivers in the south-east of England will remain high into Friday, with parts of the River Severn remaining high into Saturday, maintaining the LOW river flood risk for these locations. Impacts in areas with a LOW flood risk may include local disruption to travel, flooding of land and roads and a risk of flooding to individual properties. Refer to specific area of concern map for details. Elsewhere and at other times the flood risk remains VERY LOW.

Met Office ( In addition to some heavy showers today strong and gusty winds will again develop for a time later this afternoon and evening. On the whole I wouldn’t expect any impacts from the winds although with gusts up to around 55 mph possible in northern parts of Staffordshire there could be some minor impacts here and difficult travelling conditions on exposed sections of the M6 for example. The main theme of the forecast however is a change to much colder conditions which is starting to take place now. This will result in some icy stretches on untreated roads and pavements on Friday morning, particularly where seepage occurs following last night’s  rain. These colder conditions will then persist through the weekend and well into next week with highest daytime temperatures likely to be around only 3 Celsius and sharp overnight frosts. There’ll also be the potential for some snow at times but it’s too early to attempt any detail regarding snow at present.

In addition today’s flood guidance statement shows a yellow (low) flood risk for the counties of Shropshire, Herefordshire, and Worcestershire during Thursday (15th), Friday(16th), and Saturday(17th) as some rivers (especially Severn)  in these areas continue to respond to the rainfall which fell locally and over Wales on the 14th Jan.

Environment Agency are monitoring the situation but at present expect no more than minor impacts. Environment Agency (Click here<>) Flood Warnings:     Nil at the point of email being sent Flood Alerts:

Tern and Perry Catchments – click here<>

Lower Teme – click here<>

Ledwyche Brook and River Rea – click here<>

Upper Teme – click here<>

River Severn in Shropshire – click here<>

Severn Vyrnwy Confluence – click here<>

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