Chief Operating Officer of Premier Inns appreciates dialogue with SDN after “tweets” went global

We are sure many of you, after reading our blog “Never underestimate the strength of your tweets” have been waiting in anticipation to discover whether access issues at Premier Shrewsbury will be resolved.

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We are extremely pleased that Premier Inn have been persuaded to go down the route of a ramped access at the front of the building enabling everyone to use the same entrance at Premier Inn Shrewsbury. 

We acted after hearing many stories and comments that people with a disability had to enter via a back entrance. As you know “we tested it” and discovered it was not ideal for a number of reasons.-The area is not ideal, despite lighting, signage and cameras which many people would not be happy to use not just at night but also in day light hours. 

As you know two of the SDN Management Committee Members met with John Forrest, the Chief Operating Officer of Premier Inn, Jacqui Allum their Head of New Openings and Richard Prescott the Head of Brand Engagement at the Shrewsbury Premier Inn to discuss and put forward a case for better access. We have always been made very welcome by all the staff at Premier Inn Shrewsbury and those who have met with us from head office. 

We are pleased that both the Shropshire Star and Radio Shropshire are interested in the work we have been doing to solve these issues. 

Ruby Hartshorn Deputy Chairperson from SDN told reporters “We are really pleased with the discussions as they have listened to us & asked us for our thoughts on anything else that they ought to consider providing for those with a disability or long term condition”. 

She continued “All of our comments were supported at the meeting and were then put forward to the relevant departments at the Head Office of Premier Inn as costs would be incurred by Premier Inn. Having taken up our plea to have a ramped entrance at the front of the building, they have now drawn up plans which we have seen & will be supporting” 

“A ramped access will help everyone, not just people who use wheelchairs and walking aids but also parents with prams making this new building easily accessible to all. SDN will be supporting Premier Inn with their planning application to Shropshire Council. We are also delighted to be working together on the “ongoing” issues that Premier Inn have regarding parking for their patrons at the Raven Meadows Multi-storey car park site as well as “drop off issues at the hotel.” 

John Forrest, Chief Operating Officer for Premier Inn said “On behalf of Premier Inn I’d like to thank SDN for their very constructive comments regarding the ramp, which subject to planning permission we aim to have in place by the end of this Spring. 

“Our dialogue with SDN will continue over and beyond the ramp planning application and we are delighted with the support they are giving us on this project and with our on-going conversations with Shropshire Council to provide a 24/7 parking operation at the rear of the hotel in all or part of the Raven Meadows Multi-storey car park.

 “At present our customers can’t access their cars outside of the 7am-7pm Monday to Saturday and 10am-5pm Sunday windows. We fully understand that extra costs will be involved to operate the facility but we are committed to contributing to those and believe that much of them will be off-set by the extra income Shropshire Council would receive from the extra parking income.” 

Ruby also said “Hopefully in the future, not only will we be able to hold an SDN meeting at Premier Inn Shrewsbury but they will be able to become a member of “Safe Place” Shrewsbury Scheme. Thank you to all at Premier Inn for working with us, we are delighted and anticipate a conclusion on the ramped access by late Spring of 2014”. 

We will continue to update you and look forward to a great outcome.

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  1. Ruby

    We have received this email from Whitbread (Premier Inn) at 10.55 am today “Premier Inn has lodged an application to build a new ramped access to the site & we are hopeful of a positive outcome to our application so we can commence works as soon as possible”

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