Carer focussed websites that we think you might find useful

The website links below are links to websites that specifically support the needs of Carers.  Some of them are local to Shropshire, and others are national or regional.   Please let us know if you find any that you think  would be helpful to others and we will add them too.  If you are registered on the website  just log in and put a comment in the Comment Box at the end of this article, if you are not a member send us an email to [email protected].

1.  Community Council of Shropshire Follow this link - then Click on Carers Tab for more details andthen click on Carers Events in that tab – there is information in there about Carers Social Events and Carers Support Events in Shropshire

2.  Carer’s UK  Information for Carers Follow this link  to find out more about the organisation which acts as The Voice of Carers.

3.  Carers Direct - Follow this link

4.  Young Carers – a valuable source of support and information for children and young people who are carers Follow this link

5. Government website with information for carers  Follow this link

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