Can you easily access your Railway Station?

Over past 12 months several people have approached us regarding access at railway stations. We published an article in our newsletter “Your Voice” about what we experienced while visiting Whitchurch railway station.

For those who missed the article you can download it by clicking on this link:  Whitchurch Railway Station News Article 230618 (1)

Whitchurch is not the only railway station that presents major difficulties to anyone with mobility issues, as well as parents who have children in prams and pushchairs.

Wellington station has better access than Whitchurch, however to get from platform 1 or 2 (and visa versa) passengers have to use steps or have a long walk etc. Ludlow station also has problems, as do several others.

The new lifts and bridge at Telford Central are a great improvement although there needs to be better signage on how to call the lift as it is not that obvious, especially for those with visual impairment. 

People need to use train travel locally as well as across the UK, including the London Underground. By the end of this year, London Underground’s new £15.4 billion Elizabeth Line is due to open but only 13 out of 41 stations on the new network will have level access for wheelchair users and those with mobility requirements. Is this acceptable? We (Shropshire Disability Network) do not think it acceptable, neither does Liam Islam.

Liam is a wheelchair user. He has started a petition calling for all 41 stations on the newly built and generously funded Elizabeth Line network to have full level access in the form of raised platforms which will fully remove the step between the platform and the tube.

To read more about the petition click this link

Please consider signing the above petition which will help many thousands of people with disabilities.  So far 435 have signed this petition, but it will take many more people to sign to bring change, so please tell your family and friends and ask them to help too.

If you experience difficulties with access at any local railway stations please let us know by email to or by text/call to 07780 852229 or 07398 350255. Anyone wishing to receive information on the local Passenger Association Groups, with a view to bringing change, please let us know.


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