BT Payphones, proposal to remove 75 in the county

Start Date:
27th September 2019

End Date:
16th December 2019

Start Time:

End Time:

Shropshire Council has received a listing from British Telecom (BT) of 75 payphones in the Shropshire Council area that BT propose to permanently remove from service. BT has an obligation to consult with Shropshire Council with regard to the proposed removals.  A formal 90-day consultation has therefore commenced with the council, as set out by Ofcom.

During the 90-day period, Shropshire Council’s job as the local planning authority is to seek views from local town councils and parish councils and to include any views from local councillors, residents, policing teams etc, in order to help it to reach a decision in each case as to whether to:-

  • Consent to removal of the service and kiosk
  • Object in order to keep the service operational, or
  • Consent to removal of the telephony, and retention of the kiosk itself where the local town council or parish council wish to adopt.

To read more about this Consultation click this link on Shropshire Council website:

SDN Members, families and friends.

Do you live in an area where mobile signal is poor or an area that is isolated? Does a payphone fulfil a social need? There may be other reasons for a payphone near to where you live. If so please give feedback on your views, by contacting the lead co-ordinating officer Lois Dale, via email, to ensure they have a written record of your concerns

Download a PDF of the 75 payphone that are being considered for removal by clicking thus link: bt-consultation-on-proposed-removals-of-payphones-in-shropshire-kiosk-listing-23-sept-2019 or by clicking this link

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