Blue Badge Holders – FREE parking at RSH and PRH

From the 1st November 2020, parking has been and continues to be free at the Princess Royal Hospital (PRH) and Royal Shrewsbury Hospital (RSH) for Blue Badge holders. You just need to register your Badge with the parking attendants.

More details about parking at our local hospitals:

The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust says: “Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust have designated car parking facilities for patients and visitors. Our hospitals are very busy, so please allow plenty of time before your appointment to park.

If you come to site when there are no Car Park Attendants on site and experience difficulties paying to park please leave site and contact either the Car Park Attendants via the Switchboard on 01743 261000 or the Trust Car Park Department on 01743 261416 on the next working day and we will endeavour resolve your issue”.

Daily Charges at RSH and PRH:

  • Up to 20 minutes-FREE
  • Up to 2 hours £3.50 daily
  • Up to 3 hours £4.50 daily
  • Up to 4 hours £5.50 daily
  • Up to 5 hours £6.50 daily
  • Up to 24 hours £8.50 daily

Payment is on exit at one of the machines located in the exits of the hospital and on the car parks. Patients and Visitors can pay by debit and credit card or cash.

Payment can also be made on-line up to midnight on the day of the visit to the hospital site by logging on to SaTH Parking.

You should pay at the end of your visit to hospital. The system is simple to use:

  • Input three consecutive digits from your registration number. The machine will display an image of your vehicle and ask you to confirm it is yours.
  • It will then calculate the payment required based upon the time you have been on site.
  • The pay machines will accept debit/credit cards or cash.

You can also pay by debit or credit card or on-line before midnight on the day you attend the hospital site.

Blue Badge Holder Information:

If you are a holder of a blue registered disabled badge there are designated spaces at various locations around the hospital sites.

From 1 November 2020 parking for holders of registered disabled badges is free.  To take advantage of the free parking you should report to the Car Park Attendants who will register your vehicle details on their system – please show them your blue badge as evidence of your eligibility.

Remember to display your blue badge wherever you park.

Download a leaflet here about parking at the hospitals: Car-Parking-Leaflet

Multiple Visits

If you are making multiple visits to the same hospital during a 24-hour period you have the option of selecting “daily rate” and you will pay no more than £8.50 for that day, rather than paying the “hourly rate” each time you attend. Please note that this period begins and ends at 12am, not 24 hours from when you arrive.

Staying over a long period?

If you have stayed for over 24 hours or have left a vehicle at one of our sites for a longer period of time (this may be the case if a patient is transferred from one site to another), then please speak to a member of staff. Our car parking team have a “whitelist” to ensure that vehicles where this is the case don’t get fined. Please note that the car has to be added to the list within 48 hours of arrival, so please speak to a member of staff about this as soon as possible.

Other Charges:
Concession tickets – 10 visit concession – £8.50

For patients on long term treatment plans or visitors of patients expected to be in hospital for more than 3 days, you can download a form to apply for concession tickets. These are also available from the Ward/Department and parking booth. The forms must be signed by a member of the Ward/Department and then taken to the Parking Booths for processing. These tickets are valid for a maximum of 12 weeks. The 10-visit ticket costs £8.50 and gives a significant saving on the cost of each visit.

Patients receiving Renal dialysis twice a week or more at RSH – FREE

If you are driving yourself in for Haemodialysis two or three times per week then free parking is available. The departments delivering this treatment will guide you through the process for getting free parking.

Patients receiving Outpatient treatment for cancer – FREE

Patients receiving day case outpatient treatment in the O’Connor Oncology unit can claim free parking. To do this, give your registration details to the desk as you book in for your appointment.

Bereavement – FREE

People visiting the hospital for issues connected with bereavement [e.g. collection of certificates, visits to the mortuary] also qualify for free parking. Normally these visits take less then the 20 minute grace period but should the visit extend the free period the vehicle details will be taken by PALS and passed to the Car Park Department for entering onto the system.

Parents of Sick Children staying in Hospital Overnight – FREE

Parents who are staying in hospital overnight to be with their sick child can get free parking.  You should speak to a member of ward staff who will take your registration details for adding to our exemption list.

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