Beth Harrison, Solicitor with Lanyon Bowdler blogs on our meeting.

Beth writes-

Beth HarrisonYesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Shropshire Disability Network Members’ Meeting and hearing about the great work they do in the community.

Safe Places

This initiative is ever expanding, with a fantastic number of businesses in Shropshire signig up to the project, where vulnerable people can go if they feel threatened or need help.

The Shropshire Disability Network is also trying to raise awareness and battle the nationwide problem of people parking and blocking pavements. Actions such as these put lives at risk, as people are forced to step into the road.

See and Hear Exhibition

Shropshire Disability Network is proud to announce its involvement with the See and Hear Exhibition in Shropshire on 10 May 2017. Shropshire Disability Network will be hosting the Boccia tournament as they did last year and I will be popping down between 10am-4pm to try my hand.

New £1 coins

As many of you may be aware that at the end of this month, the new £1 coin comes into circulation. The new 12 sided coin looks pretty special, but the question is what should you do with your old £1 coins which are only valid for use until October? Shropshire Disability Network has the answer… ….they have launched a ‘Give your last £1’ project to collect old £1 coins in order to raise funds for the charity. I picked up a pot today to fill and I am sure my colleagues at Lanyon Bowdler will be digging deep.

Bed sore app

I was lucky enough to hear from some excellent speakers at the meeting. The first was David Sandbach who spoke in relation to healthcare and digital technology. He showed us various different apps which can be used to monitor your health, but I think my favourite was a bed sore app. Bed sores make people’s lives a misery and cost the NHS an arm and a leg to deal with. This app measures the size of the sore and the percentage of necrosis. It has been recommended for use by Community Nurses as it is an accurate record of assessing how the bed sore is progressing.

Jess the Goth Fairy

The second speakers were Jo Almond and Jess Hiles, an inspirational mother and daughter team. Jess suffers with disability and her Mum, Jo, has been her carer. Jo is keen to raise awareness and fight for the carers and the loved ones who are often forgotten. Jo and Jess are releasing their third book of the ‘Jess the Goth Fairy’ series later this year with a launch planned in Shrewsbury on the Sabrina Boat for September or October 2017. This is definitely one to look out for.”

SDN says It was so pleasing to welcome back members & to meet with many new members at our meeting on 9th March. We thank all who enabled this meeting to be so successful. We hope to see many of you again on Thursday 8th June, when we meet at Casey’s Cordingley Hall, Donnington, TelfordTF2 8JS 

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We thank Beth for her support in attending our meeting and writing this blog for us.




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