Be wary of COVID 19 quizzes!

With so many people self-isolating or social distancing, online quizzes have become an increasingly popular way of people staying in touch with friends and family and providing a source of entertainment. Many people are creating and sharing their own quizzes or taking part in online events.
However, the Chartered Trading Standards Institute has received information about some quizzes that, whilst on the surface appear harmless, are designed to harvest data that can be used to commit financial fraud and identity theft.

Some of these are circulating on social media and even claim to test your knowledge of COVID-19. However, many of the questions you are expected to answer will be personal in nature: your name; address; phone numbers and email addresses; family information; pet’s names and hobbies etc.

Security questions for bank accounts and online passwords usually incorporate this kind of information., making it easier for fraudsters to build up information on an individual over time.
This information can be harvested and made available both to genuine businesses (that may wish to sell you goods and service), but also scammers.

*  You wouldn’t tell a stranger in the street personal information, so why tell a stranger online? Your personal and financial information is valuable. Protect it!

Think before you click!

*  Be careful who you share your data with. Remember, not all web pages or social media platforms are private and secure.

*  Never share information such as credit and debit card PIN numbers.

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