Autism & Mental Health Day – Shrewsbury

Start Date:
13th February 2018

End Date:
13th February 2018

Start Time:

End Time:

Event title: Autism & Mental Health Day – Shrewsbury
Venue: The Gateway Centre, Chester Street, Shrewsbury SY1 1NB
Name: The Girl with the Curly Hair Project
Telephone: N/A
Event description: Be inspired and learn from people who really live with the condition
Learn about autism and how to improve mental health and well-being
This event will give you insight and strategies on improving the mental health and well-being of autistic adults and children. We use a holistic approach – any strategy implemented is likely to have a significant¬†and beneficial impact on the individual’s life as a whole.

With five different streams to choose from, attendees can select the material that is most relevant to them. We offer excellent value All Day tickets for those who want to stay for the full day.

This event is a great opportunity to:

  • learn insight and strategies from people who really live with the condition
  • meet and chat with other people
  • find out what information and support is available locally
  • see and purchase the amazing range of the girl with the curly hair books

This event is suitable for:

  • Autistic adults
  • Parents and carers
  • Anyone working with autistic adults or autistic children

For those coming for the full day, Registration is at 10am


Talk 1: Understanding autism in females (10:15am-11.15am) There’s less known about the female experience of autism. Find out why women and girls often miss out on a diagnosis of autism, how autism might present in women and girls, and why an autism diagnosis for women and girls is so important.

Talk 2: Seeing and using the positive traits of autism (11:30am-12.30pm)
There’s a large amount of focus on the negatives and difficulties associated with autism. Let’s put a spin on it and discover some of the positive traits and how these can be used to benefit the autistic individual and the people around them.

Talk 3: Understanding and managing social anxiety (1.00-2.00pm)
Social anxiety is anxiety about social situations. The social anxiety that autistic people experience might be different from ‘normal’ (‘neurotypical’) social anxiety. Providing an autistic person with strategies for neurotypical social anxiety may make things worse. Learn how it is different and discover more appropriate strategies to help.

Talk 4: Ways to help autistic people become more resilient (2.15-3.15pm)
Resilience is the capacity to recover from difficult situations. Autistic people might be more sensitive and more naive than other people. They may have more difficulties than other people. Learn some ways to build resilience in autistic people so that they may have a slightly easier time getting through life.

Video: A Day At Secondary School For The Girl With The Curly Hair (3:30-4.15pm)
Your chance to watch a short film written and directed by Alis Rowe, autistic woman and founder of The Curly Hair Project, with time for discussion and review of the film afterwards.

We are offering exhibition space at great value too (just £50), so if you would like to have a stand at our event, purchase a ticket or get in touch to discuss the arrangements.

For more information and to book your place:

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