Autism Learning Day 1 – Shrewsbury

Start Date:
17th October 2018

End Date:
17th October 2018

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Event title: Autism Learning Day 1 – Shrewsbury
Venue: The Gateway Centre, Chester Street, Shrewsbury SY1 1NB
Name: The Girl with the Curly Hair Project
Telephone: N/A
Event descriptionBe inspired and learn from people who really live with the condition
Gain a strong understanding of autism.This event will equip you with a strong, all round knowledge of autism. We use a holistic approach – any strategy implemented is likely to have a significant and beneficial impact on the individual’s life as a whole.

With five different streams to choose from, attendees can select the material that is most relevant to them. We offer excellent value All Day tickets for those who want to stay for the full day.

This event is a great opportunity to:

  • learn insight and strategies from people who really live with the condition
  • meet and chat with other people
  • find out what information and support is available locally
  • see and purchase the amazing range of the girl with the curly hair books

This event is suitable for:

  • Autistic adults
  • Parents and carers
  • Anyone working with autistic adults or autistic children
  • For those coming for the full day, Registration is at 10am

Talk 1: Understanding and managing anxiety (10:15-11.15am)
Anxiety disorders are very common amongst people on the autistic spectrum. The anxiety that autistic people experience might be different from ‘normal’ (‘neurotypical’) anxiety. Learn the reasons autistic people are likely to feel anxious and discover simple, effective strategies that can have an enormous effect on the individual’s day to day experience of life.

Talk 2: Social Energy Theory – This Theory About Socialising Will Change Your Life! (11:30-12.30pm)
‘Social Energy’ is a unique idea that proposes that all individuals have a different capacity for social interactions. Lots of people who enjoy The Curly Hair Project work say that the idea of social energy has been by far “the most helpful tool” they’ve ever come across. Understand this theory and improve your social life and your relationships.

Talk 3: What is sensory processing and how does it affect autistic people? (1.00-2.00pm)
Sensory processing is the ability to perceive and understand the sensations that we are exposed to, such as light, touch, temperature, sound and smell. Most – if not all – people on the autistic spectrum have difficulties with their senses. Discover how this might look and understand how such difficulties can have a profound effect on an individual’s experience and enjoyment of life. The good thing is, there are some very easy, simple things you can do that will have a tremendous positive impact.

Talk 4: Understanding and managing strong and atypical emotions (2:15-3.15pm)
Autistic people can have quite ‘strange’ emotional reactions – they may have very big emotions, may appear to have no emotions at all, or may display them in unusual or challenging ways. Learn about how autistic people might experience emotions and gain ideas on how to more successfully manage them. We also discuss the interesting question that is, “Do autistic people lack empathy?”

Video: A Day At Primary School For The Girl With The Curly Hair (3:30-4.15pm)
Your chance to watch a short film written and directed by Alis Rowe, autistic woman and founder of The Curly Hair Project, with time for discussion and review of the film afterwards.

We are offering exhibition space at great value too (just £50), so if you would like to have a stand at our event, purchase a ticket or get in touch to discuss the arrangements.

Cost and to book your place:

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