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Helpline: 0300 999 0102

Address: FREEPOST, ASSERT, PO Box 4962, Nuneaton CV11 9FD

Angelman Syndrome is a rare genetic condition first identified in 1965 by a British doctor, Harry Angelman, from whom it also gained its name.

Assert is a United Kingdom based support group. We are all volunteers who have direct contact with Angelman Syndrome. The majority of the trustees are parents or relatives of children or adults with Angelman Syndrome. We also have a panel of experts who are able to answer and advise on more complex questions. Many of these experts are recognised worldwide in their fields of expertise relating to Angelman Syndrome.

What we do

To provide better support for families and carers we have allocated trustees or representatives to different regions around the country. As our national conference happens only every two years each region will endeavour to have regular meetings together so that you can get to know people in your locality. Because some of the regions are geographically challenging and life often gets in the way, we are also reliant upon you organising your own events too. We will do all we can to support such events and can often support them financially. Please contact your nearest trustee for more details. You can find the contact on this page

Information about these regional meetings will be printed in the newsletter or posted in the events section of this website, but if there isn’t a meeting in your area any time soon and you want to meet other people connected with Angelman Syndrome you’ll be more than welcome to attend meetings in other areas.

We support siblings of people with AS, as we recognise that they will have their own needs. If siblings of any age want to talk with someone in a similar position about how they feel or the issues they’re facing we have people who can lend a listening ear – often siblings are surprised that there are others out there that have experiences, both happy and sad, that are the same as theirs. 

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Registered Charity Number 1021882

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